The Objective of the Red Crescent Academy:

Located at a junction point of various lands and cultures, being close to regions with significant crises and opportunities, being affected by international migration and being a disaster prone country, Turkey is home to many significant humanitarian aid related works on both national and international scales.

These activities carried out by public institutions, national and international non-governmental organizations and international organizations have turned Turkey into one of the leading countries in the field of humanitarian aid.

The duties and activity fields of humanitarian aid organizations have diversified significantly in recent years, and this has turned them into key actors on topics such as international relations, development and conflict resolution as well as academic debates related to these topics.

Humanitarian aid is a crucial field of study and has become prominent in recent years due to addressing a rich academia and giving shape to policies and discourses regarding the needy thanks to its interdisciplinary nature.

Based on this finding, the human resources, experience and knowledge that the Turkish Red Crescent possesses on both the national and international scale makes it not only an organization that distributes aid but also a suitable foundation for setting standards for work fields, creating literature, disseminating information, and carrying out research and development and innovation activities.

Moreover, the fact that the Turkish Red Crescent is the most rooted and the largest non-governmental organization in Turkey compels it to contribute to the fields of academic literature, innovative projects aimed at the necessities of time and dissemination of knowledge. It is within this context that the Red Crescent Academy was established within Turkish Red Crescent.

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