Set out with its activities by aiming to ensure the universal values, standards and fundamental principles of the Red Cross and Crescent Movement and main purposes of the Turkish Red Crescent Society, Kızılay Academy organizes effective training programs, creates training materials, implements interactive training methods and activities among trainers and participants.

Within the stated framework, the Kızılay Academy;

• Creates politics and strategies in the manner of national, scientific, social and universal values and standards of education and training programs that ensure compliance with the principles of quality, access, efficiency, effectiveness and equal opportunity.

• Monitors and evaluates domestic and international scientific, educational and training related activities by considering international developments and projections.

• Continues to work in cooperation with authorized legal entities and competent persons when necessary in preparation of training materials, content, plans and programs.

• Considers all training activities and methods whether applied face-to-face (classroom) or online (synchronized –  non-synchronized) as part of humanitarian aid efforts. Moreover, it aims to create positive behavioral change within the participants. While prioritizing awareness and raising awareness in the community trainings it offers without ignoring vulnerable groups,

The presidency also aims to develop the skills and personal capacity of employees with effective staff training programs.

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