“They have voluminous works, they enter academies, and they are considered great personalities.”

According to the Turkish Language Association [Türk Dil Kurumu (TDK)], the academy is a science and art organization whose members are scholars, writers, and artists. The name of the academy comes from an olive grove called “Akademeia” in Athens. In this olive grove, the ancient Greek philosopher Plato teaches her students various subjects such as mathematics, natural sciences, and management style. This school where Platon taught in the 4th century BC is considered the first “academy” in history. The tradition of this academy is that Plato’s philosophy is continued by his students after his death.

Since 11 June 1868, with its 153 years of deep-rooted experience, its suitable equipment for the conditions of age and personal who have adopted the philosophy of humanitarian aid with no thought of personal gain, the Türk Kızılay strengthens its institutional power through the social programs it carries out. The fundamental phılosophy of the Türk Kızılay’s training activities is based on the aim of protecting human dignity and building a resilient society. Türk Kızılay acts with the awareness that it is necessary to support the learning skills of all individuals without discrimination and to prepare society against emergencies, diseases, and disasters in today’s conditions. Since 1868, it has been possible to open international and national training programs in different fields in accordance with social needs, and thus, it has been aimed to increase social awareness.

With its training embodied in the philosophy of protecting human dignity and creating a resilient society, Türk Kızılay aims to make society possible to keep up with changing ages and speed.

Thanks to the opportunities of technological developments, today, Türk Kızılay Academy has become an institution having an advanced training infrastructure. This situation presents various alternatives in order to increase the resilience of the society against disasters and bring about changes in personal behaviors in the desired direction.

Dr. Serap Arslan Tomas
Türk Kızılay Academy Training Programs Development Manager