Red Crescent Academy Presidency develops highly qualified training programs which would be required by individuals during their affective and psychomotor learning process; as well as developing gamified and simplified content that are aimed for continuous learning. It also runs implementations with follow up analysis to contribute to the improvement of the learning cycle.

Adopting the principles of expanding the social capacity and improving public awareness, the Academy plans, develops and disseminates the required training programs and materials in this context.

One of its priorities is improving the effectiveness of the TRC’s corporate business and operations with relevant training programs tailored for its needs. Depending on the specified needs of staff, the Academy Presidency mainstreams its training activities within the TRC.

The Academy also translates its training programs in numerous languages in order to disseminate them onto the international scale. In addition, it engages in activities to render trainings more accessible for disadvantaged groups.

The training programs run by the Red Crescent Academy Presidency are classified as follows:

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